Advanced Beauty by Lisa








I originally decided to do my beauty NVQ level 2 certification to complement my hairdressing business in 2008 but I found the Anatomy and Physiology of the skin fascinating, so I after a few years I decided to do my level 3. I worked in an aesthetics clinic for 2 years along side nurses that did injectables.

I did treatments that helped to resolve skin issues that clients had and anti ageing treatments that are non invasive or require hardly any down time. I went to London and got my qualification to do CACI in 2017 and attended a course to do Dermaplaning. I attended courses with Astheticare to qualify in Micro-needling, Skin peels & LED light therapy and studied the effects of sun damage to the skin & researched the best products & ingredients to use for prevention of sun damage I also stock some of their medigrade skin care products.

I also attended a course at Cosmed which do amazing high end medical grade products I use their skin peels & meso cocktails for Meso-needling and Micro-needling skin & hair restoration & their skin care products.

When Ffion planned to expand the salon we saw a great opportunity to offer people advanced facial treatments along side the many other great beauty treatments we offer. I love working in a team & the other therapists knowledge is amazing as is their care for their clients.

During lockdown I have attended so many Webinars for anatomy & physiology, products & skin care ,to expand my knowledge about how the skin ages & how our environment & lifestyle effects on our skin & health & safety. I have studied about different types of Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation issues Eczema & Psoriasis & causes & treatments.

My favourite treatments are CACI as it helps to contour & stimulate the facial muscles and lifts heavy eyelids and helps to smooth out lines & wrinkles. I also love Skin peels & Micro-needling as these can be used for most skin concerns & the 2 can be used as a package together to get amazing results for acne scarring & anti ageing. The most important thing I would advise clients is that prevention is better than cure & that progressive treatments are better than aggressive treatments


Feet File and Polish - £14.00

Pedicure - £22.00

Luxury Pedicure - £28.00


Gelish File and Polish on Toes - £22.00

Gelish Pedicure - £32.00

Gelish Luxury Pedicure - £38.00

Gelish Off and on Toes - £22.00


Minx - £25.00

Minx with Pedicure - £35.00

Callus Peel Treatment - £22.00

Callus Peel with Polish - £32.00

Callus Peel with Gelish - £42.00

Callus Peel with Minx - £45.00

Elim Pedicure with Gelish - £40.00

Elim Pedicure with Polish - £30.00

Microdermabrasion Facial - £39.00

Microdermabrasion Beauty Flash -£25.00

Anti-Ageing Facial - £35.00

Acne Facial - £30.00


LED Light Therapy Facial - £28.00

Dermaplaning Facial - £35.00

Dermaplaning with Bionic Oxygen Mask - £40.00

Dermaplaning with Derma peel - £65.00


Derma Peel - £50.00

Restore Peel - £50.00

Regen Peel - £60.00


Microneedling -£80.00

Full Leg Wax - £24.00

Half Leg Wax - £15.00

Back Wax - £18.00

Chest Wax - £15.00

Back and Chest Wax - £25.00

Bikini Wax - £11.00

Forearm Wax - £11.00

Underarm Wax - £11.00

Chin Wax - £6.00

Lip Wax - £6.00

Eyebrow Shape - £8.00

Eyebrow Tidy - £8.00

Eyebrow Tint* - £8.00

Eyelash Tint* - £8.00

Total Eyes* - £17.00

*A patch test is required at least 48 hours before tinting treatments

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation - £50.00

CACI Non Surgical Face Lift - £50.00

CACI Jowl Lift - £30.00

CACI Eye Lift - £25.00

CACI Eye Revive - £35.00

Wrinkle Revolution - £25.00

CACI Lip Treatment - £15.00


Add On Hydro Mask - £10.00

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