Accredited Course

The course at a glance

  • 3 Accredited modules by Guild Beauty:



      Gel Nails

      Once you complete these modules it enable you

      to obtain professional insurance ready to carry

      out treatments on the public.

  • The course is split into 4 sections over an 8 week period meaning learning is in sections which is easier to understand. Each module is split into two sections, practical and theory. The theory is online and you can complete this in your own time within each 2 week gap between practical sessions. Practical sessions happen once every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.

  • 3 in depth module manuals that you can take home and you can refer anytime you need.

  • Practical assessments are salon based and are either 1-1 or small groups

  • No kit needed, you will use the salons products while training.

  • After the course you will receive details to our student Facebook support group and details to access our online learning portal.

Copy of Copy of Gold and Black Vintage L

The Complete Nail Course


The Complete Nail Course and Starter Kit


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Course Description

This course is split into 4 sections. This course will run over 8 weeks and requires 4 visits to the academy, once every 2 weeks.

Week 1 - £137.00 deposit to start the course or the full £685.00.

- Enrol onto The Complete Nail course.

- Start and complete you mini online course, professional standards for beauty therapists.

- Start and complete your Manicure theory ready for your first practical session in the salon.

- A payment of £137.00 is due the day before your practical Manicure session.

Week 3 - 1st practical session at the academy.

- A Sunday practical session at the academy learning the routine of a Manicure treatment and practising this on a model.

- Start and complete your Pedicure theory online ready for your second practical session in the salon.

- A payment of £137.00 is due the day before your practical Pedicure session.

Week 5 - 2nd practical session at the academy,

- A Sunday practical session at the academy learning the routine of a Pedicure treatment and practising this on a model.

- Start and complete your Gel Polish theory online ready for your second practical session in the salon.

- A payment of £137.00 is due the day before your practical Gel Polish session.

Week 7 - 3rd practical session at the academy.

- A Sunday practical session at the academy learning the routine of a Gel Polish treatment and practising this on a model.

- To revise over the past 3 modules ready to provide 2 assessments on the final practical session.

- A payment of £137.00 is due the day before your practical Nail Art session.

Week 9 - 4th and final practical session at the academy.

- A practical session learning 5 key Nail Art designs.

- 2 final assessments to show you have understood the core modules you have learnt over the past 8 weeks.

- On this final session you will receive your starter kit if you ordered one at the start of the course. 

- You will also receive details to gain access to the online portal for the social media guide and the business start up guide.

- You will receive access to the student Facebook support group.

Breakdown of Costs

£137.00 - is a deposit for the course.

£30.00 - is a deposit for the start kit (optional).

A minimum deposit of £137.00 is needed to the start your online theory, if you make a payment of £137.00 today you will receive an email from Guild Beauty (check your junk) with a link to get you started on the online theory.


You then have two weeks in-between each practical day at the academy to make a payment of £137.00. There are a total of 4 £137.00.00 payments after the deposit.

Total cost of the course only - £685.00

Total cost of the course with kit - £935.00

Starter Kit

This is an optional kit which includes everything you need to get started straight away. The Gel Polish starter kit is an additional £250.00 on top of your training. Please note if you purchase a starter kit you will receive this on your day of practical training in the salon.

Kit Includes:

  • Hand Soak

  • Hand Scrub

  • Hand Masque

  • Hand Lotion

  • Hygiene Spray

  • Gel Polish Lamp

  • Gel Polish Base Coat

  • Gel Polish Top Coat

  • Gel Polish Structure Coat (Nude)

  • 2 Gel Polish Colours (Red & White)

  • A Set of Nail Files

  • Cuticle Pusher

  • Cuticle Nippers

  • Nail Wipes

  • Gel Polish Remover

  • Soak Off Foils

  • Liner Brush 

  • & nail goodies

The advantages to purchasing a starter kit is you can start practising straight away after your practical session.

Course Requirements

Before you can start this course you are required to have done the mini course Guild Professional Standards for Beauty Therapists. If you have done a course with Guild Beauty your account will register you have already completed this, if not this mini course will need to be completed before you can access the first module, Manicure theory. There is no additional cost for this mini course. 

Online Section

  • Introduction, Reception, Consultation and Ventilation

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Contra-indications & Contra-actions

  • Preparation

  • Technique

  • Treatment Adaptations

  • Aftercare 

Practical Section

  • Recap over online training 

  • Health and Safety

  • Code of Practise

  • Demonstration of treatments

  • Demonstration treatment adaptations

  • Practical assessments on providing treatments

  • Practical assessment on providing treatments with adaptations

  • Treatment aftercare

After the Course

  • You will be added to the Totally Polished Academy Facebook support group.

  • You will receive log in details for the online course portal.

  • You will receive log in details for the online social media guide portal.

  • Invitations to Totally Polished's monthly student treatment days.

Please Note

  • This course is accredited by The Beauty Guild making it an insurable certificate which allows you to use carry out this treatment to the general public and charge for this therapy. 

  • This course is open to beginners or existing therapists.

  • A digital copy of your certificate will be available to you upon completion of the course, a hard copy is available to purchase from guild for an additional £15+vat. You will also receive a certificate of attendance from Totally Polished Academy.

  • If courses are one to one then a model will be required for you to use for assessments, the academy can provide a model if needed. 

  • If you do not meet the required standard on the day of training you will be invited back free of charge to attend further training before receiving your certificate.

  • The online theory MUST be completed before your practical session day. The theory can be completed in around a week.

Course Information

Lessons are held on Sundays, check out our latest lesson date at the checkout. If there isn't any available dates please email us and we can add an extra course date for you.

Practical courses run 10am-3pm

When booking please make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to complete the online theory.

Lessons are held in our Academy:

15 High Street 


North Yorkshire

LS24 9AP

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after enrolling can I start the course?

Once you have enrolled on a course date and paid the course fee, you will have immediate access to the online course modules which means you can start learning straight away.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The time it takes to complete the course will depend on how quickly you learn as an individual, and also on the number of hours per day you spend on it. Most students are able to complete the course within approximately 6 hours of study. The practical element of the course will take a minimum of 4 hours depending upon the number of students.

Is the course accredited?

The course is fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists for membership and insurance and follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for beauty, nails and holistic.

What support is available to me whilst doing the course?

You can email the Academy at any stage for any guidance or help needed.

What if I am dyslexic?

Each course module includes an audio soundtrack of the course material which is ideal for students who are dyslexic.

Do I need anything special on my computer?

You will need to have a modern web browser and speakers or headphones. 

How will the course be marked?

Following each course module you will take an online examination which requires a pass rate of around 70%. For the practical module you will need to demonstrate that you can perform the outlined tasks to the skill level required.

Am I allowed to refer to text books or notes during the examination?

No. You are expected to complete online tests under exam conditions without referring to any notes, text books or online help.

What if I fail a module?

If you fail a module you have the ability to re-take the examination up to 5 times. If you fail the module you will be contacted by the tutor who will offer support before making a final attempt.

What if I fail the practical assessment?

You will need to arrange another day of training with the GTi Training Centre where your practical assessment was carried out. You will be charged for this.

Do I need to complete any paperwork?

No. All examinations are completed online and a record of your marks is displayed in your login area. When you complete your practical module you may need to fill out your details as well as a review form.

What will I receive when I complete the course?

You will receive a GTi certificate in each of your modules which will be available as a download to you on successful completion of the course. You can purchase a hardcopy of the course for a fee of £15+VAT.