Glue Safety

99% of the time adhesives are made up of cynoacrylates along with other bonding ingredients. Cynocrylate adhesives cure by reacting with small amounts of moisture in the environment and on the bonding surface.

Lash adhesives are almost to their maximum bond in just 10 minutes. The ideal humidity range for most adhesives is 50-55% as this allows the monomers to bond and fall.. If your humidity is lower than 40% that means there is a lower amount of humidity and therefore the adhesive will not sure as effectively and as quick. 

The longer the adhesive stays uncured for, the more likely irritation and respiratory symptoms will occur. You should always aim to get your humidity levels above 40%.

Nanomisting, nebulizing, sealing and cleaning the lash line after application are all techniques which will instantly cure the adhesive and reduce the chances of irritation. Although, these techniques do not replace the need for moisture in the air throughout lash application.

When choosing you lash adhesive and lash products you should always request the safety data material sheet. These documents provide more information than what you find on the label and provide you with health and safety information.

To aim for a safe working environment when using adhesives you need to be mindful of the following things....

  • Make sure you room has adequate ventilation, avoid working in a room without airflow.

  • Work in a room that has below 40% humidity will increase the chance of irritation and respiratory symptoms. Try your best to keep kevels above this mark for optimal bond,

  • Keep cotton and cotton based products away from your adhesive. When cynocrylate and cotton are in contact with each other a chemical reaction happens. The cotton will usually start to smoke and rarely (but possible) catch fire.

  • Always wear a mask when lashing. Disposable, paper masks are useless and do not protect you from the glue fumes. Look for a FFP3 face mask (VOG masks or the Cambridge mask co). If you continue to lash without protecting yourself with a mask you will eventually get irritation and respiratory problems.

  • Avoid using adhesive rings, when using a ring the adhesive is right underneath your nose. It also only takes a sharp knock for the adhesive to go flying. Stick to a jade stone or palette,

  • Changing your adhesive every 20 mins or as often as needed. After time the adhesive starts to get stringy and thick, the longer its left out. This is because while its sat on your jade stone it is very slowly starting to cure from moisture in the air.

  • Always throw away your bottle of adhesive after the recommended time, To keep it as fresh as possible try to store it in an airtight jar.