Glue Troubleshooting

All glues have different speeds and consistencies, they all suit different temperatures and humidity's. Sometimes you have to try a lot to find the perfect one for you.  

A common problem

Brush Off's

After finishing a gorgeous set you brush through the lashes and they come off. This is usually down to the glue drying before properly adhered to the natural lash. This can be because the glue is too quick for the speed of your lashing or that the humidity in the room is causing the glue to dry quicker than usual. To solve this problem try a slightly slower setting glue or invest in a dehumidifier if humidity levels are constantly too high. Another reason for brush off's is if the natural lashes are not clean as lash adhesive will not stick to dirt and oils.

Have you noticed that room temperature and humidity plays a big part in how your glue acts. It's a good idea to have a hydrometer which measures the humidity and air temperature in your workspace.