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Your Instagram should look aesthetically pleasing and it should all tie in and be eye-catching. Keep it professional but keep it fun and interesting.

1- This is what clients see when you post on your Instagram highlight, normally its your logo or a picture of yourself. This needs to be clear as its only a small circle. 

2- This is your Instagram highlights, this should relate to the theme of your business. Here you can make folders of previous images that have been on your story. I like to put my salon info here like opening hours, cancelation policy and prices. You can change the cover of the highlight without that going onto your story, but everything you want inside that highlight has to be put onto your story first.

3- This is your username, this is what clients will see but also what they have to type in to search you. Make sure it relates to your business and its something catchy that can be remembered. 

4- Followers. Something a lot of us worry about, when really its pretty irrelevant to our business. How many of your followers actually help with your income, I know most of my clients are on Facebook only so don't see my work. My Instagram is a portfolio for my work that I can show my clients when they are in the salon and also inspiration for myself to see my previous designs. My Instagram community is great at the moment I have certain nail techs from across the country that support me on my posts and will like and comment on them to help boost them. I will do this to them in return, I have to give myself at least an hour on an evening to catch up with my accounts

5- Your bio is extremely important this is what a potential client should see. Firstly it needs your name how can clients know who they are contacting without a name? I also believe this should have your location and what you are about so for me 'nail art and natural nails'. If you work with a salon or have a relating account then tag this too.

6- These are where your posts go. Unfortunately you cant move these images about once posted that's why its best to use an Instagram planner if you like your Instagram to look aesthetically pleasing.