Lash Prep

Before you start mapping or lashing you need to prep the natural lashes. A bad pre-treatment routine is one of the main causes of poor retention.

If you start applying lash extensions without cleaning the natural lashes first, you're not going to get the good retention. You might not be able to see by the eye, but those natural lashes can be coated in the bodies natural oils and sweat traces, make up and skincare products. There's no point in spending hours on a beautiful set of lashes for them all to fall out with the swipe of a brush. 

What can you use for prep?

Protein Remover Pads.

These are like make up wipes material they come round and in a a tube to stop them drying out. Perfect for new lashes as you can really scrub, harder on infills due to the material they tend to snag on the extensions.

Pre-Treatment Cleanser

This comes in a liquid form usually in a dropper bottle. You apply a micro brush to wipe any excess off. Using too much can sting the eyes due to high levels of alcohol.


This product is to be used after a pre-treatment cleanser, it comes in liquid form. Gently brush over clients natural lashes focusing at the root of the lashes. It prepares and moisturises the natural lashes by stripping the lash of natural oils and dirt. It creates the perfect PH levels for bonding.

Nourishing Primer

This product is similar to a classic primer but it has added hydration and conditioning properties. Has added fragrances. 

Purifying Primer

Similar to a classic primer with lower alcohol percentage and has added fragrances.

Foam Cleanser

Known as a lash shampoo comes in a foam pump bottle. Sometimes has anti bacterial properties such as tea tree to help prevent eye infections. You do need to rinse out the shampoo with water, any foam cleaner that is left on the lashes will create a barrier and cause bad retention. 

Bio Cleaner

A product London Lash Pro sell combines properties of a cleanser, primer and booster.


A multi-functioning product which increases retention and the speed of work, it can help prevent volume fans from closing. Due to its high alkanity it helps gently open the hairs cuticle which enables the glue to grip/stick increasing retention. You apply it with a micro brush onto the natural lashes after cleanser or primer. 

Applicators for primers

Micro brushes

with bendable tip

Lash cleansing 


Cleansing brushes/


Microfibre brushes