Nail Services


All of our nail services include full nail prep (cuticle removal) and shaping of the nail. When you upgrade to a manicure this includes a hand soak, hand scrub and hand massage. A luxury manicure also includes a masque infused with nourishing oils to moisturise skin, wrapped in heated mitts - perfect for a winter warmer.


We have just started stocking 'The Gel Bottle' range of gel polishes. (150 colours so far) We decided to change to a new brand as this company has a lot more to offer us with the quality we want to offer with our nail services. The Gel Bottle offer BIAB polish. BIAB stands for builder in a bottle, we stock a range of these polishes in the salon and a layer can be used in-between your base coat and colour to help strengthen weak and brittle nails.


We have also changed our normal polish brand to Peacci polish. Peacci is the sister brand to 'The Gel Bottle' meaning they have colours that match up to your gel polish. Peacci is a professional polish brand that has a high gel like shine finish.

File and Polish - £10.00

Manicure - £20.00

Luxury Manicure - £26.00


Gel File and Polish (Plain) - £20.00

Gel File and Polish (French) - £22.00

Gel File and Polish - (BIAB) - £22.00

Gel Off and On (Plain) - £22.00

Gel Off and On (French) - £24.00

Gel Off and on (BIAB) - £24.00

Gel Polish with Manicure - £30.00

Gel Polish Luxury Manicure - £36.00

Gel Removal and Buff Tidy - £7.00

Gel Removal and Peacci Polish - £13.00

Gel Polish Repair - £3.00


Under 12's

Mini Manicure -£10.00


Nail Art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance and embellish the nails. Nail art can be done on fingernails or toes. Ffion is our nail technician that offers nail art in the salon. 

There are two different options when booking nail art, Simple or Detailed.

Simple nail art designs consist of:
glitter designs, polka dots, basic stamping, sequins, foiling, marbling, abstract, basic flowers and opal designs

Detailed nail art designs consist of:

custom designs (please message me         beforehand), hand drawn designs, detailed stamping, Disney/butterflies/characters, flowers/stars, geometric, detailed foil and old English font.

The reason I have split nail art up is for allowing myself the correct time to be able to create masterpieces.

There is no right or wrong with nail art as it is all about expression, if you have any ideas please send them over via email or message on Facebook.

Gel File and Polish (Plain) - £22.00

Gel File and Polish (French) - £24.00

Gel File and Polish (BIAB) - £24.00

Gel File and Polish (Simple Art) - £24.00

Gel File and Polish (Detailed Art) -£26.00

Gel Off and On (Plain) - £24.00

Gel Off and On (French) - £26.00

Gel Off and On (BIAB) - £26.00

Gel Off and On (Simple Art)*- £26.00

Gel Off and On (Detailed Art)*- £28.00

*these include a BIAB layer

Gel Polish Repair - £3.00

Soak Off and Tidy - £10.00

Soak Off and Normal Polish - £16.00


  • Do not apply hand cream or cuticle oil prior to your treatment - this can leave an oily residue meaning gel polish wont adhere properly.

  • Do not be worried about the condition of your nails, that's what we are here for to give your hands some loving care and professional advice.

  • If you are having a normal polish applied please be prepared to wait for it to dry, or make plans to go home and let it dry - once leaving the salon we are not responsible for looking after your wet polish. 

  • Please remove any gel polish prior to your nail appointment – we are unable to remove gel polish that has been applied by another salon.

  • Please remove any nail extensions prior to your nail appointment - we are unable to offer nail extension services. 


  • Relax your hand and listen to how your therapist wants it positioned - this will help your therapists back posture tremendously if you cooperate. 

  • Please sit still - we want to be able to paint precisely without being knocked.

  • Please do not use your phone while having your nails done. 

  • Please do not eat while having your nails done. 

  • Please be aware of where you are resting your other hand - so no fluffys get added to the tacky layer.

  • If we come upon a nail condition - this will have to be dealt with accordingly, sometimes meaning the treatment cannot go ahead. 


  • Do not pick or pull off your gel polish off- it will pull the top layer of your nail plate off, causing the nails to become thin and flaky.

  • If you are removing your own gel polish please follow how we remove sets that we do in the salon to maintain a healthy nail.

  • Use gloves when doing the washing up.

  • Hot water or cleaning products can cause the gel polish to peel or lift off the nail, make sure you wear gloves - do not wash your hands with hot water straight after your nail appointment, leave it an hour.

  • Apply cuticle oil and hand cream regularly to keep the nail hydrated and healthy - ideally at least twice a day, morning and evening.

  • If your nails are getting long file them down - to save them snapping really low and becoming painful.

  • If you are applying your own normal nail polish use a base coat- to prevent staining the natural nail.

  • If painting your own normal polish use a top coat - to protect  your nail and help your nail polish last longer.