Pedicure Services


All of our foot treatments include nail prep (cuticle work) shaping of the nail. When you upgrade to a pedicure this includes a foot soak, hard skin removal, foot exfoliation and foot massage. During our pedicure treatments we use CND's pedicure range the classic marine collection. Our luxury pedicure also includes a masque infused with nourishing oils to moisturise skin, wrapped in heated booties - perfect for a winter warmer.


Minx is a clear nail wrap created with the protection of your nails in mind. Minx offers many different designs and effects including the most popular being chrome. Minx removal is quick and easy, they do not damage your natural nails.


Callus peel is a luxury foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised, This 15 minute four step process system gives immediate results. Callus peel is suitable for diabetics and pregnancy.   

Feet File and Polish - £10.00

Pedicure - £20.00

Luxury Pedicure - £26.00


Gelish File and Polish on Toes - £20.00

Gelish Pedicure - £30.00

Gelish Luxury Pedicure - £36.00

Gelish Off and on Toes - £22.00


Minx - £25.00

Minx with Pedicure - £35.00

Callus Peel Treatment - £20.00

Callus Peel with Polish - £30.00

Callus Peel with Gelish - £40.00

Callus Peel with Minx - £45.00


  • Please wear loose open toed shoes or sandals to your appointment - especially if you are having a normal polish applied.

  • Do not cut toe nails prior to your appointment - leave this to the professionals.

  • Do not apply foot lotion or cuticle oil prior to your treatment - this can leave an oily residue meaning gel polish wont adhere properly.

  • Do not be worried about the condition of your nails, that's what we are here for to give your feet some loving care and professional advice.

  • If you are having a normal polish applied please be prepared to wait for it to dry, or make plans to go home and let it dry - once leaving the salon we are not responsible for looking after your wet polish. 

  • Please remove any gel polish prior to your nail appointment – we are unable to remove gel polish that has been applied by another salon.

  • Please note we are not chiropodists, we are providing a treatment to give you a pamper and make your feet look pretty, not to sort any foot problems out.


  • Please be aware of where you are placing your feet, so polish isn't smudged and no fluff is added.

  • Relax your leg and listen to how your therapist wants it positioned - this will help your therapists back posture tremendously if you cooperate. 

  • Please sit still - we want to be able to paint precisely without being knocked.


  • If we come upon a nail condition - this will have to be dealt with accordingly, sometimes meaning the treatment cannot go ahead. 


  • If you've had normal polish applied please keep your open toed shoes on for at least 2 hours after your appointment.

  • Apply regular foot lotion and cuticle oil to keep hydrated.

  • When drying off properly after your bath or shower - make sure you dry your heels and in-between those toes to stop build up of dry skin. 

  • Book regular pedicure appointments - every 6-8 weeks is recommended for a full pedicure treatment.

  • Foot sprays that contain peppermint or citrus oil are great to refresh the feet.