The beauty industry is too cheap! If you think how long a Gel file and polish has been at £20 for, at least 10 years. Some therapists that already know there worth have increased their prices in a start to bring this industry in line with what its worth. A lot of hairdressers increase their prices each year in accordance to product costs. Some hairdressers have different tied prices depending on the experience of the hairdresser, starting at junior going up to head hairdresser or owner, generally clients done bat an eyelid they have the option to pay for the skill they want. Why is it so different for beauty? 

NSS Salons 

NSS means Non Standard Salon, to the likes of you and me, the professional nail technicians; it means that they don't follow what we deem to be normal hygiene practice.

  • they might use an electric file to 'etch' the nail plate

  • they probably don't sanitize their tools in between clients

  • they probably don't sanitize their hands or their clients hands

  • they probably don't change towels in between clients

  • they probably don't use the correct tools for the job

  • they probably don't prep properly

  • they might use MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) as their monomer

Some of those things might apply, some may not, some NSS salons may be of oriental persuasion, some may not... you cannot tar all of them with the same brush.
Some people take it for granted that these NSS are of oriental persuasion, anyone can own/run an NSS salon irrespective as whether they're white, black, Asian, oriental or blue with purple spots.


Non Standard Salons tend to have a much lower price range for there beauty treatments which attracts customers. These are not the customers you want! These customers will go to whoever can offer the best deal, these customers are not loyal and you cannot guarantee they will become regular clients. These will not become star clients. When you launch your business you need to forget about these salons and don't stay on this level. You are worth much more. Our treatments and services should not be priced to be in the same playing field as these salons, we offer a far higher level of competence and our treatments should be priced accordingly.

Newley Qualified Therapists

Newley qualified therapists tend to cheapen the industry as there are always newbies coming into the industry. I do believe in offering a start up offer to gain clients and practise, but this shouldn't last long and it should be clearly advertised as an introductory offer. As a new therapist you do not want to stay in these prices. You have invested in your time, courses and products so you are worth it to charge more. 

My Experience

You should always ensure that the service you offer is cost effective. Make sure that you consider all your overheads, the cost of your time, your local area and your particular clientele when setting a price for a treatment. The price you charge for your treatment should cover all overheads and include a reasonable profit margin, whilst also being affordable for your client. During lockdown I came across an inspiring lady called Maddi Cook. Maddi has been offering free online masterclasses covering pricing in our industry. I would highly recommended following Maddi's account and hearing what she has to say.