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Transform your passion into a profession with our exclusive 6-week journey from novice to nail professional!


Embark on a transformative experience with our foundation nail course, meticulously crafted to be your gateway to a rewarding new career. Throughout six intensive weeks, you'll be guided through every aspect of the nail industry, mastering essential techniques such as prep, filing, and precise application methods. 

But that's just the beginning. Delve deeper into the artistry of nail care as you explore the intricacies of builder gel application and the timeless elegance of French polish.


At our Totally Polished Academy, we don't just teach you the basics; we empower you to unlock the full spectrum of nail expertise. Join us and discover the confidence and skills you need to flourish in this dynamic and creative field. Your journey to becoming a professional nail technician starts here.


his combined course includes 6 visits to the Academy in Tadcaster.Here's an overview of the weekly curriculum:

Module 1 - Foundation Essentials

In module 1 of our foundation course, you will establish the essential groundwork for your journey into professional nail care. Gain insights into the nail industry's evolution, current trends, and career opportunities. Learn crucial protocols for maintaining a safe and hygienic workspace to ensure the well-being of both you and your clients. Embrace professionalism, ethics, and client confidentiality as core principles of your practice. Master sanitation and hygiene techniques to deliver impeccable nail care services, setting the stage for your success in the weeks to come.


Module 2 - Elevated Manicure Experience

In this module, you'll learn essential nail preparation techniques, including perfecting nail filing and shaping, and assessing nail conditions to recommend suitable treatments. Additionally, you'll elevate standard treatments by incorporating luxurious elements such as hand scrubs, massages, and indulgent touches. Explore various exfoliating scrubs to soften and revitalize the skin, while mastering massage techniques to promote relaxation and reduce tension. 


Module 3 - Gel Polish Application

In the gel polish module, you'll learn the essential steps for flawless gel polish application and removal. Starting with nail preparation, you'll understand the importance of sanitation and shaping techniques to create the perfect canvas. Mastering gel polish application involves selecting the right products and applying layers with precision. You'll also become proficient in safe and efficient gel polish removal methods, ensuring minimal damage to the natural nail. 


Module 4 - Builder Gel

Throughout this module, you'll learn the principles of proper application, including nail preparation, product placement, and curing techniques. By mastering the art of builder gel application, you'll be able to provide clients with long-lasting nails with added strength and resilience. Whether your clients seek natural-looking overlays or want to extend the length of their nails, builder gel application will become a valuable skill in your repertoire, allowing you to meet their diverse needs with confidence and precision. 


Module 5 - Sole Serenity

In the Pedicure module, you'll learn essential foot care techniques, including toe preparation, callus removal, and luxurious foot treatments. Master the art of toe preparation by trimming nails, addressing cuticles, and ensuring cleanliness. Explore effective callus removal methods to soften and eliminate rough skin, leaving feet smooth and rejuvenated. Additionally, discover indulgent foot treatments such as exfoliating scrubs, hydrating masks, and relaxing massages to pamper and soothe tired feet.


Module 6 - Career Launch

In our conclusion, we'll help you navigate job applications, plan your future, highlight your unique strengths, and explore available job opportunities. Through our salon sessions, you'll gain practical experience and guidance to confidently pursue your next career step in the nail industry.

Foundation Nail Course

  • Are there any qualifications needed?

    No, there are no previous qualifications required to enrol onto this combined course. This course is suitable for beginners.

  • What is your return policy?

    At Totally Polished, we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services. We understand that occasionally, you may change your mind or encounter issues with your purchase. To demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have implemented a 14-day refund policy for eligible products.

    •    To be eligible for a refund, you must request it within 14 days from the date of purchase.

    •    The product or service in question must be in its original condition, unopened, unused, and undamaged.

    •    Certain non-refundable items, such as personalized or digital products, may be excluded. Please refer to the specific product description or contact our customer support for further information.

    • To initiate a refund request, please contact our customer support team via email or phone. Include your order details and the reason for the refund request.

    We value your trust and aim to resolve any issues you may encounter promptly and fairly. If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding our refund policy, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  • Do I need to bring a model?

    No, you will be working on your own nails. Please arrive with bare nails (no gel or extensions) that require cuticle work and filing.

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