• Perfect top-up to your full #PeacciPamper set
  • 100% natural exfoliation (coconut shell & sugar) scrub
  • Deep conditioning & intensive rejuvenation mask
  • Fast absorbing cream with a velvety texture
  • Product size: Scrub 60g, Mask 75ml, Cream 30ml


Apply to hands, feet, arms or elbows and scrub in a circular motion to naturally exfoliate and stimulate blood flow. Rinse with water. For a more intensive foot scrub, apply product onto your Peacci Smooth Foot File and work into dry and hard skin.

Speedy deep conditioning: Dampen skin and massage a small amount of the mask into hands, arms, feet or legs. Use a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation until the product is evenly distributed. Massage the excess into skin for extra moisture, or simply rinse it off.
Longer intensive rejuvenation: Apply generously to clean hands, arms, feet or legs. For more effective results, wrap in a moisture glove/sock or #lifehack... wrap with clingfilm! Leave on and relax for 15-20 mins. Massage the excess into skin for extra moisture, or simply rinse it off.

Massage into clean hands, feet or other areas like elbows and knees (or any other part of your gorgeous body) for immediate relief on dehydrated skin. The cream also works as an intensive cuticle treatment so use it whenever you need extra hydration.

Peacci Skin Mani Pedi Set

  • This product is PRE ORDER only and will be in stock to pick up from the salon on Saturday 6th December.