Lash Curls

J Curl

J curl was all I used when I first trained in lash extensions. There wasn't a big demand for lash extensions and the clients we did do would be for special occasions e.g. weddings, so very natural. A J curl is extremely straight, I wouldn't recommend using the curl at all anymore due to new advanced curls being brought out in the industry.

B Curl

B curl is the next one on from a J curl, its got slightly more of a curl which mimics the natural lash shape and gives a very natural look.

C curl is the most popular lash curl on the market! Its a great curl for new lash techs to learn with, it gives a natural lift, generally suits most clients so if you are are starting up with your kit or don't want to stock loads of curls this curl is a winner.

C Curl

CC curl this is a fairly new curl in the industry, It starts with a similar base to the C Curl. However, when it comes to the curl itself, the CC Curl changes things up with a more extreme curl.

CC Curl

Length, diameter, and curls it can get confusing. With so many options available in the eyelash extension market, you can create bespoke lash looks for each client. Before you flex your lashing skills, you need to know the differences between lashes to match clients their dream lash looks. I've got your back when it comes to all things in lashing! By the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a lashing master.

D curl has a very strong curl giving it a dramatic lift. A D curl is great if a client has downward lashes this curl can open the eyes. This curl has a small attachment area so you need to make sure you get a good attachment at the base.

D Curl
L Curl

L curl is another fairly new lash in the industry, this curl is great for straight and downward lashes. It has a straight base meaning a stronger attachment. 

LC Curl

LC curl has a straight base like an L curl but the has a more dramatic curl giving it a more eye opening look. This curl gives the illusion of a C curl but with a straighter base for better attachment.