The perfect set of tweezers is like gold dust. Once you've found them never let them go. Even if you buy another of the same pair they may be slightly different in where the tweezer grips.

Never drop your lash tweezers, you will never get that feel and grip again from another set, if you practise you will eventually get used to the new tweezers.

Isolation Tweezers

If you are right handed you will isolate with your left hand, vice versa... unless you are ambidextrous. They are used to isolate the natural lashes. A good pair of tweezers can be really sharp, be mindful of the pressure you put on the eye pads when resting the tweezers as you apply the extension with your right hand. As with everything there is no particular good set of tweezers, it's what feels right to you. This can vary by weight and the pressure you need to close them,


Volume Tweezers

These tweezers are used to pick up either classic, pre-made or russian lashes. Just like isolation tweezers not one pair fits all. There's so much variations of volume tweezers it's about finding what suits you, probably more so than isolation tweezers, when making your fans, all tweezers will have different grip points. Some are closer to the tip, and others are further back, sometimes you will need a little play with them to work where you are best picking up from.


X Point Tweezers

These tweezers can be used to hold lashes for eyelash extensions application. They are sometimes referred to as ‘X-tweezers’ or ‘reverse action tweezers’ and require the user to squeeze in order to open the jaw of the tweezers. You can hold the lash without the need of any pressure, giving you a steady control; It`s designed is comfortable and easier to handle.

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