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Perfect for beginners or existing therapists wanting to level up.

Starter Kit

Our optional starter kit is available to purchase from the Academy. The Manicure starter kit is an additional fee on top of your training, which includes everything you need to get started straight away. Kit includes products and tools that you will be introduced to on your practical session.


 The advantages of purchasing a starter kit is you can start practising straight away after your course.  If you purchase a starter kit you will receive this on your day of practical training in the Academy.

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Manicure Starter Kit


Kit Includes:

  • Sanitising Spray

  • Hand Scrub

  • Hygiene File Spray

  • Navy Manicure Range

  • Manicure Mitts

  • Manicure Towel

  • Acetone

  • Glossify Nail Files

  • Glossify Cuticle Tools

  • Nail Wipes

  • Top Coat

  • Bio Sculpture Ethos Nail Treatments

  • Beginners Polish Set

  • Cuticle Oil

  • Nail Art Liner Brush

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